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Daniel P. O'Neill is an artist/designer/model maker with over 25 years experience in the museum design field. His work can be seen in many institutions, and private collections worldwide. 
A graduate of Medway College of Design (now University for the Creative Arts) in England, Dan worked for several years as an industrial designer for the IIRS, the Irish government's design advisory service to industry. After a two year self imposed gap spent training as a commercial pilot in the US and elsewhere, he returned to Ireland in 1992. In 1993 he established his design practice specialising in exhibit design and archaeological reconstruction work for heritage centers and regional museums established under EU initiatives. He moved to the US in 2000. 
Much of O'Neill's current work is split between maritime collectors and museums.  His marine models and sculptures have been sold at Christies fine art auctions in New York, and can be found in many US private and corporate collections. He has undertaken design/model work for television and film companies, museum design firms and architectural practices large and small.His clients include the BBC, Ove Arup, Event Communications,Nantucket Whaling Museum, Mel Fisher Museum, The Royal College of Art and the British Museum.
He is also one of the few artists able to list Saddam Hussein as a client (though obviously not currently!) A full list of clients is available on request.

"O'Neill's techniques are the result of art school training and years of experience. His work has a lifelike quality that is sadly missing in many contemporary models and sculptures that suffer from a sterile, over technical approach. This is most apparent in his shipwreck work. The movement of water is extremely well conveyed through the use of sculpted porcelain clay"

The pictures on these pages are mostly of model work, images of sculpture and artwork will be posted soon.
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